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Ahn Luh zhujiajiao profile

2019/2/16 20:56:37
Warm reminded:Ahn Luh zhujiajiao is now going through soft opening, all room rates are experience rates. Not all the facilities are opened yet.
This first Ahn Luh resort is located in Zhujiajiao town in the Qingpu district of Shanghai,a destination with a 1700-year history and an ancient water town of great renown in China.A mere 50 kilometres from downtown Shanghai - less than an hour's drive away - Ahn Luh zhujiajiao transports guests to another era with its 600-year-old courthouse from the Ming Dynasty that has been restored,'Wu Feng Lou'(Cour of Five Phoenixes)style,to become the resort's lobby,while an ancient opera theatre from the Qing dynasty is the building's core.The design,inspired by classical Chinese,pays homage to this village's unique culture and rich heritage.Ahn Luh zhujiajiao is crafted with arched roofs and stone footpaths with walkways that meander through landscaped gardens that will deliver scenic hues of every imaginable shade throught the year,a fitting backdrop to complement the glamour of the architecture at Ahn Luh zhujiajiao.

Howard Johnson Pearl Plaza Wuhan traffic info

Business zone:Hankou Jiangtan/Wuhan Tiandi
Address:Hubei · Wuhan · hankou - No.182 Yanjiang Avenue Hankou District Wuhan China