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Ragaz Hot Spring Manor profile

2019/2/16 20:56:06
Guangzhou Hot Spring Ragaz is located in the neW Guangzhou conghua hot springs hot springs health valley territory, is invested by guangzhou co., LTD. Of the dynamic hot spring, have full-bodied amorous feelings of the theme of the leisure resort hotel.Wines, poetry has the luxury hotel, spa estate highland wooden villa guest rooms, including 40 wooden villa, with nearly half of the rooms have private romantic hot spring pools, never leave home can enjoy the natural hot spring water care directly into the room is 100%.In addition, the hotel provides 24-hour personal butler service.37 open-air hot spring area is equipped with a spa pool, have one hundred kinds of function of hot spring spa equipment and dozens of characteristics.
Guangzhou Hot Spring Ragaz opening time in November 2008, building 5 floors, a total of 62 rooms (sets).

Howard Johnson Pearl Plaza Wuhan traffic info

Business zone:Hankou Jiangtan/Wuhan Tiandi
Address:Hubei · Wuhan · hankou - No.182 Yanjiang Avenue Hankou District Wuhan China